Ever “Bean” To Coffee Lands?

April 20, 2023

So many marketing campaigns and punchlines around coffee have popularized the dark brew over years. There is something about coffee that keeps its connoisseurs hooked. Different coffee beans make each region’s coffee distinctive in their flavouring. Globally, there are four distinct types of beans used – Arabica, Robusta, Liberica and Excelsa.

Arabica has its roots in Ethiopia and gets its name because of its popularity in Arabia (present day Yemen). The plants are quite delicate and grow in high altitude areas where there is heavy rainfall. These beans are known for their smooth texture, complex sweet flavours (have a distinct fruity, nutty or chocolatey taste), aroma and refined acidity. They are more expensive as compared to its counterparts. The beans are extremely mild in flavour and have least caffeine levels among all the bean varieties. Coffee lovers have black coffee with Arabica beans since its mild in flavours.

Robusta, just like its name, is robust and extremely resilient. Natives of sub-Saharan Africa, these plants grow in lower altitude locations and can fight diseases. Vietnam is known for growing these plants.

Robusta is known to possess double of the caffeine levels than the Arabica beans and low acidic content. They are known for being bitter and are best had with milk and sugar.

Authentic South Indian filter coffee has an 80:20 proportion (Arabica and Robusta respectively) and hence fans of this brew vouch for the quality of the brew based on the proportions of both these beans

Liberica is one of the rare beans available and known to coffee lovers. Originally from Africa, these beans have a highly floral aroma with a highly smoky and bold flavour. As compared to its counterparts, these beans are rather big and irregular in shape. Grown in lower altitudes, these beans have a good resistance to humid zones as well. Not a very popular or preferred brew among coffee lovers, its unique woody taste sets it apart from the other beans. Philippines was one of the first nations of the world to produce these beans. They were grown at a time when a disastrous crop disease called Coffee rust wiped off Arabica. Liberica’s contribution to the global coffee production is as little as two percent. It is being currently grown in Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Excelsa belongs to the Liberica family. These beans are almond in shape and look similar to Liberica but what sets them apart is their flavour and aroma. These also grow in similar altitude zones just like the Liberica. This final group of beans are grown only in South East Asia and are known to contribute the least to the world coffee production. These beans have a tart, fruity, flavours having a light aroma. Coffee lovers can try this to experience a combination of both light and strong coffees.

All the coffee shops across the globe use these beans either solo or in combination to serve us the steamiest cuppa coffee!!

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