About us

The service and hospitality you experience with us comes with a blend of our culture, tradition, hospitality, love, and care.

Martram's The South Indian Coffee House

2 cups a day keeps cancer away. According to the American Cancer Society, coffee helps us improve our productivity, keeps us high, and helps us stay away from cancer.

The South Indian Coffee House is a treat for your hangry time with a celebration of the region's history, traditions. Our signature offering is Filter Coffee, a beloved beverage that has been an integral part of South Indian households for generations. In addition to that, we serve our delicious South Indian snacks, such as fluffy idlis, and savory vadas, for your "quick and light meals like 11 am and 4 pm."

Our filter coffee and snacks are not just food and drink, but an expression of our love for the region and its culture.

Why Choose Us

Unbeatable Quality

Authentic Taste

Inherent Native Hospitality

Ethically Sourced Coffee & Tea

Clean & Hygienic Outlets

Vision & Mission

Spreading the rich and authentic taste of South Indian Filter Coffee and snacks around the world while honoring the tradition, craftsmanship and sustainability that makes this beverage and snacks unique. Every year we make sure that we speak the aroma through our new branches.



Our products are ensuring 3 major things for all our customers:

  • Affordability
  • Convenience
  • Consistency



Our Fundamentals


Customer service

We believe this is essential for satisfaction, loyalty, and business growth.



We streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and improve customer experiences.



We offer menus that are rich in nutrients and have a balanced diet.



We reflect in our menu offerings and ambiance


Ethical considerations

Fairtrade, sustainable sourcing, living wages, diversity & inclusion.


Quality Control

Clean facilities, safe ingredients, proper storage, thorough cooking & happy customers.

Our Founder

VT Amarnath

Hail from a traditional south Indian family who has been brewing in this industry for more than a decade, V T Amarnath, Founder of The South Indian Coffee House has a lifelong love affair with South Indian cuisine. He is committed to deliver authentic South Indian delights to eager taste buds. He delivers the best of our service and has an unwavering commitment to quality, which percolates from the top to the bottom.